About Dolores


Dolores Andrew works in a variety of media, including pen and ink, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and scratchboard. She is represented in public and private collections throughout the United States. She is basically a realist, with a crisp, understated representational style. Her work, while detailed and accurate, has an air of preciseness and cool briskness which avoids being stilted or rigid. Her more loosely drawn line work in pen and ink shows her interest in the character and mood created by economy of line. When her subjects are buildings or landscapes, they range from the famous landmarks to the mundane. Her still life paintings are usually flowers.


She works in the embroidery media, but favors the surface techniques — crewel, pulled thread, and silk.  Often her designs appear to be translations of her fine art work to the stitchery medium, but she has also been influenced by her graduate study in Italian Renaissance embroidery and by research in lesser known media such as Casalguidi and whitework.


Dolores Andrew has taught fine arts ans needlework at the college level and privately, as well as workshops for local, regional and national groups.  She actively judges and lectures in the fine arts and needle arts fields.


She has illustrated and published three books on fibre subjects: “Italian Renaissance Textile Designs”, based on her research for her MFA,  “Medieval Tapestry Designs”, and “American Sampler Designs”. All are available at Amazon.

She has recently published her first E-Book- “Discover Drawing in Pen and Ink!” It is available with Barnes and Noble and Apple.

Mrs. Andrew has written several articles on both fine art and  textiles for art and embroidery publications.


Art Shows can be both juried and judged. Juried shows are an “accept/reject” system, used by either a solo juror, or by a panel of 2 or 3 jurors. Usually more works are entered than the gallery space can hold, hence the jury process.

A judged show is one where all works entered are hung, and awards are then chosen from them. Some shows are both juried, and then judged also. Sometimes the same person,or panel, does both the jurying and judging. Sometimes at “Big National Shows” with a lot of funding to pay them, there will be different people to do the jurying and judging.


  • Nags Head Show – 2 accepted
  • D.C. – 3 accepted
  • Florida – 2 accepted
  • Chambersburg , Pa – 2 accepted


  • Nags Head – 2 accepted
  • Garrett Arts Council Members’ Annual – 1 accepted and award
  • Fells Point – award
  • Grantsville, Md Plein aire event Invitational and award
  • D.C. – 3 accepted
  • Chambersburg, Pa – 2 accepted



  • BFA in Painting Syracuse University
  • MFA- Art Ed- MICA
  • Certification—Master Teacher


  • Teacher Certification- Basic-Crewel Embroidery Valentine Museum, Richmond, Va.
  • Advanced- Mixed Media Valentine Museum, Richmond, Va.
  • Honors- Italian Renaissance Textiles Valentine Museum, Richmond, Va.


  • National Academy of Needlearts
  • Master Judge National Academy of Needlearts
  • Lifetime Achievement Award –NAN– 2005