Rehoboth Beach Museum Hosts Needlework Sampler Talk

Rehoboth Beach, DE – For centuries, samplers provided a major part of a young girl’s education. Young ladies learned the alphabet, and how to count to ten; all that was considered necessary for them to know at that time. Today, girls are educated, and samplers are appreciated for their part in helping us to learn about this part of our past. » Read more

Recent Events

Dolores has been busy with recent shows, judging and lectures:

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Recent Classes

Here are some classes that Dolores Andrew have taught:

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Amish Quilt Lecture - Rehoboth Beach Historical Society

Dolores Andrew doing her Amish Quilt lecture at the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society.

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Quilt Judging

Dolores Andrew helping a judge at a recent show.

National NAN Embroidery Design Class

National NAN embroidery show in March 2014 in Troy, Michigan – Dolores Andrew’s Design class.

National NAN Embroidery Show

Dolores Andrew and fellow judge, judging the National NAN embroidery show in March 2014 in Troy, Michigan.

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Early American Embroidery

RB Historical Society in 2011 about Early American Embroidery (I gave it as a diary of an early settler while I sat in a rocking chair for most of it)


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